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Black Manta

Black Manta operates in the famous Komodo national park and the untouched Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Our highly experienced crew take great pride in exceptional service whilst always maintaining safety.

With 8 luxurious en-suite cabins, an extensive dive deck, huge lounge equipped with Plasma T.V. & a full compliment of safety equipment, this vessel is state of the art. Relax, enjoy delicious Thai & Western food whilst we take you on the holiday of a lifetime.......

Last minute deals : up to 30% discount for last minute bookings on our Komodo and Raja Ampat liveaboard trips

Black Manta - prices

Full pricing is available on the schedule here.
Prices are in US dollars for one week based on 2 persons sharing a cabin.

All cabins are the same price and allocated on a first come first served basis. Please dont forget to include the marine park fee of $120 for Komodo and Maumere, $220 for Raja trips and $230 for crossing trips and the domestic flights to to the start point of the trip. From Bali to Labuanbajo in Flores and the return to Bali at the end - $320 per person return To Sorong for the Raja Ampat trips return flight price from Jakarta or Bali - approx $600 return.

10% discount for non-diver Single suppliment (cabin for one person only) 90% of the second place price - i.e for the Deluxe cabin $1760+($1760-10%) = $3,344

Komodo trip included in the trip price is

  • Land transfer from hotel / airport from destination start (Bali/Labuanbajo/ Maumere) to boat All nights’ accommodation on MV Black Manta, all meals, (Western, Thai, Indonesian) snacks, soft drinks, * hot beverages, coffee, tea, Milo, towel, toiletries, cabin services, tanks, weight belt,
  • 4 dive guides (1 Instructor, 3 Dive Master)
  • 2x FREE Nitrox (EANx32) fills/day (1st & 3rd dive, if certified),
  • FREE Dive Gear rental (excludes dive computer, torch, large tank - diving gear subject to availability (only 3mm shorty wetsuits available)

Komodo trips not included in the trip price is

  • Flights, (domestic flights will be added to the invoice) hotels,
  • Marine park fee (Us$ 120 - will be added to the invoice),
  • Dive insurance,
  • massage services (Us$25 /per hour),
  • Alcohol,
  • Nespresso coffee (Us$2),
  • 15L tank rental (Us$12/ day)
  • Nitrox refill other than 1st and 3rd dive (Us$12 per refill)
  • Dive computer (Us$12 a day)

Raja Ampat trip included in the trip price is

  • Land transfer from hotel / airport from destination start (Bali/Labuanbajo/ Maumere) to boat
  • All nights’ accommodation on MV Black Manta,
  • All meals, (Western, Thai, Indonesian) snacks, soft drinks, hot beverages, coffee, tea, Milo, towel, * toiletries, cabin services, tanks, weight belt,
  • 4 dive guides (1 Instructor, 3 Dive Master)

Raja Ampat trips not included in the trip price is

  • Flights, (domestic flights will be added to the invoice)
  • hotels,
  • Marine park fee (Us$ 180 - will be added to the invoice),
  • Dive insurance,
  • massage services (Us$25 /per hour),
  • Alcohol,
  • Nespresso coffee (Us$2),
  • 15L tank rental (Us$12/ day)
  • Nitrox refill other than 1st and 3rd dive (Us$12 per refill)
  • Diving gear rental, - (Bcd $12, Reg $12, Wetsuit $8, fins $5, mask $5, Dive computer $12 per day)
Full set (Bcd, Reg, Wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel not including computer) $30 per day
BCD $12 per day
Regulator $12 per day
Wetsuit $8 per day
Mask $5 per day
Fins $5 per day
Dive computer $12 per day
15L tank $12 per day

Other Services & Fees Price;

  • Enriched Air Nitrox - per fill (up to 36%) US$ 12
  • Enriched Air Nitrox - Package (10+ dives) per fill US$ 10
  • Enriched Air Nitrox - per litre (fills over 36%) US$ .25
  • Massage per hour US$ 20

Upon booking your deposit payment of 30% of the total cost of your trip is required within 7 days to secure you booking. The final payment is due 90 days before departure.

Deposits and Payments - Individual bookings

Deposit 30% within 7 days of booking
Final Payment 90 days prior to departure
Last Minute Bookings 100% payment within 48 hours of booking


More than 90 days prior to departure: Deposit lost
Less than 90 days prior departure: No Refund

Deposits and Payments - Full Boat Charter or Group Bookings (8 pax or more)

Deposit 10% within 7 days of booking
Next Payment +25% 180 days prior to departure
Final Payment 65% 90 days prior to departure
Last Minute Bookings 100% payment within 48 hours of booking


More than 180 days prior to departure: Deposit lost
Less than 180 to 90 days prior to departure: 35% lost
Less than 90 days prior departure: No Refund


Black Manta reserves the right to cancel any trip if there are less than the equivalent of 4 deluxe cabin guests. Black Manta will do their utmost to transfer the guest to a vessel they deem to be of equal or better standard. Alternatively, we may ask the guest to transfer to the date before/after the cruise In the event none of these options are possible, we will offer a full refund (allow maximum 1 week processing time) Black Manta do not accept any legal liability for loss or damage to any luggage or dive equipment while being transferred to/from the vessel nor while on board. Black Manta will offer any assistance possible to help with any insurance claims for lost or damaged property.

Lastly, Black Manta. does not offer refunds in the event of personal injury, airplane delay, mechanical breakdowns, weather, sickness, strikes, war, criminal acts, quarantine, acts of god, if another guest requires immediate evacuation and the vessel must return to port or any other event beyond its actual control. If Black Manta cancels the trip prior to departure for any reason , a full refund will be given.

Black Manta - schedule

Black Manta - cabins

Black Manta has 8 deluxe (C3-10), 4 cabins are on the main deck and 4 are on the lower deck. On each deck there are 2 double cabins and 2 twin cabins. All cabins are air conditioned with en-suite bathrooms. The price per person is the same in each cabin and the cabin choice is allocated on a first come first choice basis.

  • C2 Standard non-ensuite cabin with wash basin (C2 is available only for full charter trips and is a twin share cabin with a shared bathroom making 9 cabins and a maximum of 18 persons - for charters only)
  • C3 & C4 are En-suite (twin share, single bunk style) cabins on the main deck
  • C5 & C6 are En-suite (either a double or twin with a double bed below and a single above) cabin on the main * deck
  • C7 & C8 are En-suite (double bed) cabin on the lower deck
  • C9 & C10 are En-suite (twin share single beds) cabin on the lower deck
  • Standard with wash basin twin share C1 & C2 main

  • Cabins #C3 + #C4 - Main deck
    Twin single bunks-en-suite bathroom

  • C7 + #C8 - Lower deck
    Double bed - en-suite bathroom

  • Cabins #C6 + #C5 - Main deck
    Double and single bunk - en-suite bathroom

  • Cabins #C9 + #C10 - Lower deck

  • Cabins #C9 + #C10 - Lower deck
    Twin single beds - en-suite bathroom

Black Manta - itinerary

Revel in a magestic array of superb natural attractions - unspoiled coral gardens, volcanic landscapes and unexplored turquoise cays. Straddling the equator, Indonesia is a tropical island paradise made up of 14,000 islands, many of which are noted as world-class diving destinations. The stunning natural wealth of this archipelago, even when considering itsindividual attractions, is enough to make most other travel spots green with envy.

If you are looking for an idyllic tropical setting with great diving right at your doorstep and unforgettable natural wonders, a trip to Indonesia is a must. Even though there is no way for this website to touch on all that Indonesia has to offer, here is a brief glimpse at some of the highlights There is truly something for everyone. Indonesia can rightfully boast of landscapes consisting of palm-fringed tropical islands, heavenly white-sand beaches, majestic wildernesses, towering mountains, an impressive chain of volcanoes and the world’s best underwater spots.

For those with an itch to explore, you can search for the legendary “Komodo Dragon” on the island of the same name, explore the lush habitat of the “Bird of Paradise”, enjoy kayaking and bird watching in the coastal mangroves or trek through superb national parks. The Cenderawasih natural reserve offers both iridescent corals underwater and great trekking opportunities as parts of visits to fascinating traditional villages.

But if your idea of a holiday is pure relaxation, you can also just relish the wonderful warmth of the sun on the legendary beaches on Bali after a drift dive through exquisite coral gardens. Nusa Tengara and North Sulawesi are famed for their underwater landscapes and the breathtaking beauty of the remote Maluku Islands can be enjoyed from our beautiful sundeck.

And, of course, for those happiest in the underwater realm, you will not be disappointed! The uniqueness of West Papua, a largely ignored region which is home to the world’s highest and most species-rich island, will leave you with fantastic memories to last a lifetime. The reefs and beaches of the Togean Islands provide spectacular diving amidst a perfect tropical island setting. Komodo of course is considered the quintessential dive destination but you shouldn’t overlook the opportunity to discover the natural marine richness and the unusual rarity of places like the Raja Ampat Archipelago, which has been called a “Lost World”, a jewel both on land and at sea.

And this is only a brief glimpse at the country’s charms! Indonesia still has many areas waiting to be discovered. Come join us in our explorations of the hundreds of untouched islands surrounded by enchanting coral reefs that await you!

The marvelously rich culture of Indonesia boasts a unique and remarkable assortment of cultural traditions, vibrant arts and many individual ethnic groups. The rugged mountainous terrain and the fact that the country is made up of many islands, many of which remained isolated from each other, resulted in groups of people with distinct traditions and an extraordinarily diverse differentiation of languages and cultures across the archipelago.

The islanders did not in fact become “Indonesians” until 1945, when a line was drawn to incorporate the former Dutch East Indies, a group of islands bringing together an astonishingly varied collection of peoples.

Examples of this heterogeneous development can be seen in the fascinating temple complexes of Borobudur and Prambanam, or during a visit to Sumba, home to some of the most traditional cultures in East Indonesia, where you can see spectacular ikat and massive megalithic tombs. You can also visit centers of contemporary art and culture on Bali, or discover South Sulawesi and the area of Toraja, where elaborate funeral rites are a central part of their society. To experience a living example of Indonesia’s rich culture, visit the Minangkabau region of West Sumutra, known for its architecture, and where music and dance thrive. Is it any surprise then that “Unity in diversity” is Indonesia’s national motto - Photos of Raja Ampat diving - Komodo diving photos

Brief itinerary for Raja Ampat

  • Day 1. Arrival from Ujung pandang (Makassar) or Manado to Sorong. On arrival our staff will meet you at Sorong Airport to assist you and transfer to Black Manta. Once all guests are onboard, greeted, a briefing will commence as we set sail to Raja Ampat. Sorry, no diving today.
  • Day 2 - Day 8. Raja Ampat Diving - itineraries vary due to weather and currents
  • Day 9. Departure from Sorong to Manado or Jakarta or Denpasar. Before that Breakfast onboard then disembark, transfer to Sorong Airport for flight to Jakarta, Denpasar, or Manado.

Brief Itinerary for Komodo 6 days/ 5 nights

(Schedules are subjected to changes according to weather and sea conditions) (You need to stay 1 night hotel in Bali beofre the trip)

Day 1. (1‐2 dives) 8am‐10am, Domestic flight from Bali (DPS) to Labuan Bajo (LBJ). Flight time around 1 hour (remember our local agent can help you to book). Arrive LBJ, register in National Park office to pay park & harbour fee. Check in Black Manta, Welcome & Briefing, & lunch. Central Komodo (water Temp 26‐28 deg). Check dive at Pulau Sabayor Mini Wall, followed by sunset or night dive.

Day 2. (5 dives) North Komodo (water Temp 26‐28 deg); Crystal Rock, Castle Rock, Tatawa Island, Makassar Reef (Manta Point), optional night dive.

Day 3. (4 dives) South Komodo (water Temp 22‐ 26 deg); Manta Alley, Cannibal Rock, Crinoid Caynon, Torpedo Point, & Yellow wall

Day 4. (4 dives) South Komodo, Padar Island; one of our favourite regions in the park with some stunning and diverse dive sites such as 3 Sisters and Pillarsteen.

Day 5. (2 dives) North Komodo, Batu Bolong, Bonsa rock. This is followed by a walk on the wide side in search of Komodo Dragons, and trekking on one of the local Islands, then back on board to wash gear relax as we sail towards Labuan Bajo

Day 6. (0 dives) 7am; check out after breakfast, farewells, and transfer to airport. Take your pre‐booked flight from Labuan Bajo to Bali. Many thanks and see you again in Raja Ampat.

Brief Itinerary for Komodo 5 days/ 4 nights

(Schedules are subjected to changes according to weather and sea conditions) (1 night hotel stay in Bali is highly recommended near Denpasar Airport (in case of flight delay)

Day 1 (North Komodo) 8-10am - Domestic flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo is about 1 hour flight time.(We can book your flights for you) return flight (2 way) is US$280) 10.00am Arrive LB, register in National Park office to pay park fee (about US$40) Check in Black Manta, briefing follow by light lunch. 2 - 3 dives at Central Komodo (water Temp 26-28 deg)

Day 2 (North Komodo) - 4 dives at Crystal Rock, Castle rock, Manta alley (Makaser reef) , optional dust dive or night dive

Day 3 (North Komodo) - 4 dives at Batu Bolong, Tetawa Island

Day 4 (South Komodo) 2 dives at Padar island One of our favourite regions in the park. Some stunning and diverse dive sites such as 3 sisters and Pillarsteen, Dragon walk

Day 5 - check out after breakfast, transfer to airport. & flight from Labuan Bajo to Bali.

Fuel Surcharge; at this moment, there is no fuel surcharge. However, fuel surcharge may apply without prior notice at US$50-US$150 maximum per guest for the whole cruise.

Please note:

All times in this itinerary are estimates only. Times, dive sites and number of dives can change, depending on weather conditions and special requests or circumstances.

Black Manta - specs

32 meters (105ft.)
7 meters (23ft.)
2 x 500 HP Cummins
30,000 liters
18 Guests
220/24/12 volts
(2) Bauer/Coltisub
Sanitary Facilites:
11 Restrooms with Hot and Cold Water, 2 Deck Showers
Navigation and Communication:
VHF Radio, GPS, CB Radio, SSB Radio, Mobile Telephone, Satellite Telephone, Echo Sounder, Depth Sounder, Auto Pilot
Safety Equipment:
2 Solas Life Rafts, Oxygen Unit, Fire Extinguisher System, First Aid Kit, Life Jackets

Main deck

  • C1 Crew quarters en-suite bathroom
  • C2 Crew quarters
  • C3 Twin-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • C4 Twin-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • C5 Combined twin or double-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • C6 Combined twin or double-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom

Lower deck

  • C7 Combined twin or double-bed cabin with
  • C8 Combined twin or double-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • C9 Double-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • C10 Double-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • C11

Black Manta - diving

The coral triangle is home to the world’s most bio-diverse population of marine species with Indonesia representing its hottest spot. Nowhere else has a comparable density, not to mention diversity, of underwater creatures and life been recorded.

In order to fully appreciate the exceptional status of this region, suffice it to say that the whole Caribbean area has only 9% of the corals and 35% of the fish species found in Indonesian waters.

The reason for such a big difference is that the entire area of the Atlantic Ocean underwent a mass extinction of species during the last ice age. All types of corals and animals vanished during this period and the other species never regained the strength of their former numbers.

In Indonesia - the centre of this biodiversity triangle - the variety seen underwater is truly astonishing. In certain bays and around small islands, you can find more species than in the entire Caribbean. In a research report conducted in 1997 on the island of Flores, respected marine biologists Rudie Kuiter and Gerald Allen counted 1,133 species of fish just in Maumere bay. This is still the highest number of species of fish ever counted in a specific area.

In Wakatobi, the recorded number of species of fish is at least 430, and in Raja Ampat, the same Gerald Allen, world-famous ichthyologist, counted the incredible number of 284 different species of fish counted during a single dive. In the same area, 465 different species of corals were found. As a result, scientists nowadays believe that this destination is the world’s current no. 1 spot in terms of biodiversity.

Other world-class hubs of biodiversity include Manado and Lembeh, Central and South Sulawesi, Komodo, Flores, Alor and the Banda sea, to name just a few. It should therefore come as no surprise that these hotspots are considered among the ultimate destinations for divers.


Drift diving, pelagics melting pot and critters maze: dive in one of the world’s hubs of underwater activity - read the Komodo diving blog

Bone rate and Selayar

One of Indonesia’s last unveiled treasures

Alor and Flores

An undisclosed diving treasure. Your craving for adventure will be fulfilled while sailing on the Atasita Liveaboard in these awe-inspiring waters full of unexplored treasures


The unspoiled beauty of a remote paradise. These rarely visited seas have some of the world’s richest marine environments filled with unspoiled corals, tiny critters as well as pelagics

Raja Ampat

The most striking biodiversity on our planet

Cenderwasih bay: Biak, Manokwari, Mapia atoll

The best exploratory dive trip you can imagine

Central Sulawesi: Togean and Bangaii

One of the world’s most remarkable places for coral reef diversity

North Sulaweis: Manando and Lembeh

Critters extravaganza and breathtaking walls

Sorong is the harbour town in West Papua and the normal departure point to dive Raja Ampat. If you are unsure of how to get to Sorong to start your trip it will depend on where your international flight into Indonesia is landing. We recommend Jakarta or Bali to make your entry point into Indonesia amnd each has it’s pros and cons.

From Jakarta to Sorong most flights route through Makassar (UPG) in South Sulawesi and are over night flights arriving in the morning perfect for a pick up by your liveaboard crew at the airport. The downside of this is that you may be awake most of the night before your board the liveaboard but most boats cruise only on the first day so you can catch up on your sleep during the day.

Flights from Bali are not quite so simple and cannot be done in one day, you will need to fly from Bali to UPG the day before your liveaboard and over night in Makassar and the continue on with the UPG to Sorong flight the following morning, the day of your liveaboard departure, and this ends up being perfect tining to be picked up on your arrival in Sorong at the airport to then be taken to the boat. This takes longer but you will arrive more refreshed than the Jakarta rooute and of course you could always factor in a stay in Bali before or after your trip.

In the past it has not been possible for someone outside of Indonesia to purchase domestic flights in Indonesia so these can be purchased for you by us, if you would like, and added to your invoice. It will be about $650 return dependant on exchange rates, availability and where your entry airport is in Indonesia. The cost of the domestic flights are not included in the trip price.

Recently Garuda, our recommended airline, has made it possible to purchase their tickets online and we recommend you take this approach as it is often cheaper than the set price we have to charge. Other airlines are cheaper but are not so trustworthy or have such good luggage allowances. Again, we highly recommend trip as well as diving insurance just in case something were to go wrong with your flights.

Premier liveaboard diving and its local flight agent can purchase the tickets on your behalf, however, in doing so, Premier liveaboard diving is only acting as an agent for the airline and is not responsible for, and can accept no responsibility for, cancellations, delays, schedule changes, or problems caused by the air carrier. We highly recommend trip interruption and cancellation insurance.

Black Manta - faqs

Please note these are generic FAQs about Indonesia in general and not always boat specific.

If you are unsure about something please ask us to get confirmation.

What documents will I need to show on the boat?

Dive certification cards and dive logbook.

What money will I need?

Most boats accepts payment by Visa or Mastercard, Indonesian Rupiah, Euro or US Dollar. Please be advised that foreign notes should be clean, new and crisp. Indonesian banks and money changers will not accept old notes or notes which are damaged in any way. You can also use your credit or debit card at ATM machines in towns prior to boarding the boat to withdraw Rupiah, which is better should you wish to purchase local souvenirs or for tips. It is advisable to inform your bank or credit card company that you will be visiting Indonesia prior to your departure, as it is not uncommon for the bank to put a block on the card if they suspect it has been misappropriated.

What type of food is available on board?

Meals are prepared by the onboard chef and consist of a delicious mix of international and local dishes. Please advise us as soon as possible if you have any special dietary requirements. Certain special dietary requests and beverage requests may not be available on a consistent basis due to the remote nature of the locations.

Will there be any opportunities to go ashore during the cruise?

There are many different land excursions which are dependent on the schedule and guest preferences. Some land excursions available are beach visits, village visit and other treks dependant on the area, weather and local conditions.

What if I am prone to sea sickness?

If you are prone to sea sickness we strongly urge you to bring some motion sickness medication.

Will I have to share a cabin if I am travelling as a single?

All rates are quoted on a share basis therefore, unless you require a guaranteed single room and pay an additional supplement you will share your cabin with one other guest.

What is the voltage on the boat?

Voltage in Indonesia is 220-240 V. Is you feel you will need an adaptor please bring one.

Does the boat provide any toiletries?

There is soap, shampoo, hand wash and towels.

What time zone is Indonesia located?

Komodo is 8 hours ahead of GMT. Raja Ampat is covered by Eastern Indonesia Standard Time which is 9 hours ahead of GMT.

Is smoking permitted?

A designated area on the boat is available for smoking. Smoking is not permitted in any other area for any reason.

What about crew gratuities?

Gratuities for the crew are not included in your trip price. If the crew performs to your expectations, we suggest a gratuity of approximately 10%-15% of the published package price per person be considered normal aboard a liveaboard dive boat. All tips are split equally among the boat crew. Personal tipping is frowned upon. Payment of gratuities can be by cash or credit card.

Diving Information

Do I need evacuation/dive insurance?

It is mandatory that each guest purchase comprehensive evacuation and dive accident insurance. We will be operating in extremely remote areas. Emergency evacuations from remote locations can cost in excess of USD $100,000. We recommend Divers Alert Network (DAN): (in USA), (in Europe).

How many dives will we do each day?

There will be up to 4 dives per day with 3-4 dives being normal dependant on the distances travelled between sites and possibly at nightime.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the diving?

You should stay within the limits and standards of your qualifying agency. All dives should be no- decompression dives. Solo diving is not permitted.

What dive equipment do I need?

Tanks, weights and weight belts are provided onboard. Divers will need to bring BCD, regulator, wetsuit,fins, mask, snorkel and dive light. We have SMBs available for use snd rental equipment

What can I expect the water temperature to be and what wetsuit do you recommend?

This is always a difficult question to answer because people have different reactions to temperature. Typically temperatures range from 25-30C or 80-86F so usually a 3mm suit or even a skin is fine. The southern waters of Komodo can be colder with 20-25C or 70-75F so a 5mm suit with a hood is recommended.

Do you have Int or DIN valves?

We have tanks with Int and DIN valve adaptors.

How do we dive from the boat?

All dives will be made from the tenders. Equipment will be transferred to the tenders and guests will board the tender with only their wetsuit on.

Can I drink alcohol and dive?

No. Drinking alcohol and diving can increase your risk of decompression problems. You can drink alcohol once your have completed your last dive of the day.

Can I fish or spear fish?

Fishing and spear fishing are not available onboard. We will be diving in marine protected areas where any type of fishing is prohibited.

What facilities are available for photographers?

There are ample camera tables and cubby holes with charging stations with 110V and 220V above your dive gear. There are ‘camera only’ rinse buckets for the exclusive use of photographers onboard.

Can I pay by Credit card on board?

For most things yes you can but there is a bank charge of 3%, normal in Indonesia. Please check with us beforehand about this.


Depending on the season the visibility range is between 10-40 metres or 30-120 feet.


All diving areas are subject to currents that range from slight to extremely strong. Dive sites are selected according to currents with some great year round drift diving opportunities.

Night diving:

An opportunity to see some of the world’s most unique marine species that emerge only after the sun has set.

Marine life:

The areas where you will dive are unmatched for small and unusual marine wildlife. The species list is endless and new ones are still being discovered in these areas.


The average air temperature in the regions you will visit ranges from 25 - 32 Celsius or 77-90 Fahrenheit.

Health and innoculations:

Vaccinations for typhoid, paratyphoid, tetanus, Cholera, Polio, and Hepatitis A are recommended. Malaria is endemic in many parts of Indonesia, please check with your local Tropical Disease Centre for anti-malaria/diver friendly medication.


The Indonesian currency is Rupiah. Rates fluctuate enormously, please check with our cruise directors for your cruise exchange rates.

Population and people:

Regarded as the fifth most populous nation in the world, there are approximately 200,000,000 in Indonesia. The majority, around 60% reside on the island of Java.


An amazing diversity of religions exists. Predominantly a Muslim nation, islands like Timor, North Sulawesi and Flores are Christian. Hinduism is found mainly in Bali. Scattered throughout the region are a variety of other beliefs.


Bahasa Indonesia, almost identical to Malay is the one national language. Several local dialects exist in each region as well. English is widely spoken in the more popular tourist destinations such as Bali.

Diving Indonesia

Out of 14,000+ islands in the archipelago, there are a plethora of exclusive dive locations in Indonesia, boasting up to 80% of the worlds species of undersea life. With Indocruises we take you to pristine spots not that known in your average dive travel guide and which are still being explored.

Dive conditions in Indonesia

  • Diving all year around is possible.
  • Watertemperature 24°(75°F) to 30°C(86°F) (In the south of Komodo it drops down to 21°C (70°F)
  • Visibility is mostly very good (up to 30m) Diving rules

Safety Procedures and Emergency Evacuation Information:

Hyperbaric chambers (or recompression chamber) in Indonesia There are 6 recompression chambers in Indonesia to treat decompression sickness

Bali: Sanglah General Hospital (in Indonesian language) USUP Sanglah Denpasar JI. Diponegoro, Denpasar 80114 Bali, IndonesiPhone 62-361-227911 through -15 ext. 232 (hyperbaric medical department) Fax 62-361-22426 Run by Dr. Antonius Natasamudra and Dr. Etty Herawati

Manado (Sulawesi): At the Malalayang Hospital (chamber for 3 to 4 persons) Phone: 0811430913 and ask for Dr Jimmy Waleleng (Phone home 860953). Makassar (Sulawesi): Rumah Sakit Umum Wahidin Sudirohusodo. Contact person: Pak Daniel Address: Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan Km. 11, Tamalanrea Kampus UNHAS Indonesia TEL:++ 62 - 0411 (584677) , 584675. Said to be for 3 to 4 persons.

Jakarta (Java): Rumah Sakit Angkatan Laut (Navy Hospital) in Jl. Bendungan Hilir No.17, Central Jakarta (see text in italian with some addresses - list of help) Kalimantan: The Borneo Divers have the only professional recompression chamber located on Sipadan island (Borneo - Malaysia)

Surabaya (Java): Rumah Sakit Angkatan Laut (RSAL) (Military Marine hospital) Jl. Gadung no. 1, SurabayPhone 031-45750 and 41731 (another number given was 031-838153 and fax 031- 837511) Run by Dr Suharsono Available SAR (search and rescue) contact information:

  • SAR Bali : ph 0361 - 751111 Radio : 13545.0
  • SAR Lombok : Ph 0370 - 633253 Radio : 13545.0
  • SAR Makassar : Ph 0411 - 554111 Radio : 13545.0
  • SAR Manado : Ph 0431 - 825986
  • SAR Kupang : Ph 0380 - 831111
  • SAR Ambon : Ph 0911 - 351111
  • SAR Sorong : Ph 0951 - 323816

**Available SAR (search and rescue) contact information: Medivac facilities from Travira Air

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